elaine sayre
Sensei Elaine Sayre – Owner/Instructor Little Dragons, Kids and Adults Program-2nd Level Black Belt: Ms. Sayre began her study in the martial arts in Kosho Shorei Ryu under Hanshi Bruce Juchnik, in Sacramento California, studied to green belt before leaving the area. In 2008 she taught karate in an afterschool program, which provided valuable experience working with children and refreshed her martial arts abilities. In 2010, she sought out Ashland Karate Academy for her son and quickly joined in the training of American Open Style Karate, earning her 2nd Level Black Belt in 2017. She has three children and also practices Yoga, Escrima, Archery and is an avid Gardener.
Shihan H
Kyoshi Joseph HarringtonSenior Instructor-8th Level Black Belt: Born in Bogota, Colombia, Mr. Harrington began his study of American Open Style Karate in 1989, under Hanshi Piddington. He earned his 7th Level Black Belt in 2018. He has the working knowledge of 56 Katas.  Kyoshi Harrington has been active in tournament competition since 1992. Mr. Harrington is a valuable reference for all of our American Open Style Karate material and is available for private lessons. He has also studied Kenpo and Krav Maga.

Sensei Jacob BrownSenior Instructor-7th Level Black Belt:
Tashi B
Renshi Michael BaileyInstructor-5th Level Black Belt: Mr. Bailey began his study in 2003, with Sensei Fry of Sun and Moon Karate in Eagle Point. In 2012 he began to study with Hanshi Piddington. Mr. Bailey has been active in tournament competition since 2004. He teaches in our Kids and Adults Programs and works privately with students in preparation for competition and testing. He has also studied Wing Chun, Filipino arts, and Jujitsu. Mr. Bailey enjoys many different physical activities outside of the school including bowling, football, and softball.

Sensei Deepam SchwenknerInstructor-2nd Level Black Belt: Deepam has been living in different parts of the world and after quitting his job as Personal Assistant and Private Chef in Southampton, NY, he and his family moved to Ashland in 2011. A new chapter in his life opened up when he and his 2 small kids began study at the Ashland Karate Academy. In 2017, all three received their 2nd degree Black Belt and now enjoy helping their fellow karateka, as Instructor and assistant instructors. He teaches in our Kids and Adult Karate program and Saturday All Belts class. Deepam lives and homeschools his kids in the countryside of Talent, enjoying outdoor adventures, hiking, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding – simply being in nature.