Kid´s development class: “Little Dragons” ages 5-7

The “Little Dragons” child development classes are designed to give young students a strong foundation for a future in martial arts, physical activity, respect, safety and self-confidence. Students will learn movement skills related to martial arts such as balance, coordination, and basic stances, blocks, punches, and kicks. They will also learn to use these skills responsibly through self-control.

Youth karate/discipline/self-esteem ages 7-12

The youth karate class is a great fit for students ages 8-12 with varying degrees of experience in karate. Novice students will feel welcome and comfortable while learning a new set of skills. Experienced students can be sure that they will improve and be challenged.

In addition to movement skills, students will gain practice in discipline and self-control. Learning the responsibility that comes with the development of karate skills is an important aspect of our youth programs.

Adult karate (traditional Okinawan) ages 13+

Learn and develop mind and body skills. Get in shape, learn an art, get energized. Come enjoy a new experience.

Women’s self-defense (awareness classes) ages 11+

Our self-defense training is 50 percent mental and 50 percent physical. Learn street proven techniques and mental awareness strategies for the benefit of your increased safety in commonly occurring situations.

Speak Up! Set your boundaries and don’t be a victim. Enroll now!

Weapons training (Kobudo)

As part of our Karate Program, students at intermediate and advanced level begin to study weapons, such as: bo staff, nunchuck, sai

Sport karate all ages

Private lessons