Many students take awards at local tournament

Ashland Karate Academy had 22 students attend Chip Wright’s Champion Karate’s tournament on April 16th, 2016. Everyone went home with at least 1 medal. Everyone did a great job. The awards earned for each student is listed below. Thank you to all the parents and family that was there to watch and cheer us on.

Daisy Barnard – Underbelt Grand Champion, 1st 9-10 Advanced Traditional Forms, 2nd 9-10 Advanced Sparring, 3rd 9-12 Advanced Traditional Weapons

Pepper Barnard – 2nd 7-8 Intermediate Traditional Forms, 2nd 7-8 Intermediate Traditional Weapons

River Hanson – 1st 9-12 Advanced Traditional Weapons

Deepam Schwenkner – 1st Adult Advanced Traditional Weapons, 2nd Adult Advanced Traditional Forms

Oriah Hanson – 3rd 7-8 Intermediate Traditional Weapons

John Trivers – 2nd Adult Advanced Traditional Weapons, 3rd Adult Advanced Traditional Forms, 3rd Adult Advanced Sparring

Quinn Trivers – […]