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It was quite a weekend! We got it all – rain, sunshine, chilly nights, blood, sweat and tears. On the bank of the Klamath River in Northern California, thirteen brave karateka came together to test for their black belt. Surrounded by instructors, family, friends and guests all the way from the East Coast, these students persevered and proved up to the task. For four days and three nights, each student was challenged to participate fully and give the best possible at each task. From fording the mighty Klamath River, rough and tumble sparing, kata and self-defense demonstrations and glass-walking, everyone rose to the challenge and by the end of the weekend, all were successful. Not to be outdone, fourteen  students tested for under belts, bringing enthusiasm and a strong can do attitude! It was a proud moment for our dojo, indeed.

A big heartfelt thanks to our hosts Rachel and Dom and all who helped organize and craft this special weekend. It took a village to make it happen and now our village has grown a bit larger.

Congratulations All!

Black Belt Test Students

Name                             Age
Deepam Schwenkner 59
Oriah Hansen 8
River Hansen 11
John Trivers 53
Quinn Trivers 13
Celeste Trivers 11
Daisy Barnard 10
Jacqueline Moran 13
Sachi Moran 11
Alexander Dryland 14
Tim Morton 56
Elaine Sayre 39
Nina RadhaKrishna 36

Under Belt Students

Name     Testing For:     Age
Abe Lungren    Brown    10
Noah Cott        Purple    10
Banyan Markham    Red 10
Kelly Nutters    Brown 35
Ty Gardner       Red 10
Mckenzie Gardner Red 9
Aya Stonewood      Brown 9
Peter Jordan          Brown 13
Ajit Neera Singh   Green St. 43
Anshuman Neera Green St. 11
Rachel Bagwell     Green 37
Pepper Bernard    Red 7
Alex Stephens      Brown 29
Joshua Moran     Brown St. 9