Ashland Karate Academy had 12 student attend and compete at the Chip Wright’s Champion Karate’s bi-yearly tournament. Everyone did wonderful. We had a few new competitors that have not competes in the past.

Here are your winners:

Daisy Barnard: Grand Champion in Underbelt Forms 17 & under, 1st Place 7-8 Advanced Traditional Forms, 2nd Place 8 & Under Weapon/Creative Forms, 3rd Place 7-8 Advanced Sparring.

Pepper Barnard: 1st Place 4-6 Intermediate Traditional Forms, 3rd Place 4-6 Intermediate Flag Sparring.

Navarro Garcia: 1st Place 4-6 Intermediate Sparring, 2nd Place 4-6 Intermediate Traditional Forms, 3rd Place Intermediate Flag Sparring.

Carly Joss: 1st Place 15-17 Advanced Traditional Forms, 1st Place 13-17 Advanced Weapon Forms

Aya Stonewood: 1st Place 9-10 Beginner Traditional Forms, 1st Place 9-12 Beginner Weapon Forms,

Peter Jordan: 1st Place 11-12 Beginner Traditional Forms, 3rd Place 11-12 Beginner Sparring. 3rd Place 9-12 Beginner Weapon Forms

Abe Lungren: