July 17,18,& 19 we had a camp out/belt test for students of Ashland Karate Academy along with Sun & Moon Martial Arts of Eagle Point. Everyone who attended had lots of fun. Overall we had over 50 people attend the festivities and had over 21 students test and gain rank between both schools. Here are the people that testing and gained rank from our school.

Nina RadhaKrishna – 1st Kyu (Brown Stripe)

Alexander Dryland – 1st Kyu (Brown Stripe)

Amelia Dryland – 2nd Kyu (Brown)

Antonio Desimone – 3rd (Red)

Alexander Newman Hancock – 3rd Kyu (Red)

Charlie Reade – 3rd Kyu (Red)

Ty Gardner – 4th Kyu (Green Stripe)

McKensie Gardner – 4th Kyu (Green Stripe)

Alex Stephens – 4th Kyu (Green Stripe)

Kelly Nutters – 4th Kyu (Green Stripe)

Abe Lungren – 5th Kyu (Green)

Pepper Barnard –  5th Kyu (Green)

Aya Stonewood –  5th Kyu (Green)

Peter Jordan – 6th Kyu (Purple)

Trinity Tippia – 7th Kyu (Blue)

Mike Fagundes – 7th Kyu (Blue)

Kai Fagundes – 8th Kyu (Yellow)


I also want to thank all the students and parents that attended and helped out.

Mia Pederson, Elaine Sayre, Jesse Stonewood, Bethany Stonewood, Tim Morton, Deepam Schwenkner, River Hanson, Oriah Hanson, Daisy Barnard,