Chip Wright’s Champion Karate in Medford, Oregon hosted there bi-annual tournament on Saturday, October 25th. We had 9 students attend and all received at least 1 medal. Here is a list of our competitors and prizes received:

Antonio Desimone – Underbelt Grand Champion, 1st Place 15-17 Int. Traditional Kata, 3rd Place Team Kata

Carly Joss – 1st Place 13-14 Int Traditional Kata, 1st Place 13-17 Int Weapon Kata, 3rd Place Team Kata

Daisy Barnard – 1st Place 7-8 Int Traditional Kata, 2nd Place 5-8 Int Weapon Kata, 3rd Place 7-8 Int Flag Sparring

Ty Gardner – 1st Place 9-10 Beg Traditional Kata, 3rd Place 9-10 Beg Sparring

River Hanson – 1st Place 9-12 Int Weapon Kata, 2nd Place 8-9 Int Traditional Kata

Alexandra Acevedo – 2nd Place 9-10 Contemporary Musical Kata, 3rd Place 9-10 Int Traditional Kata

Pepper Barnard – 2nd Place 4-6 Beg Flag Sparring

Kaelin Rodriguez – 3rd Place 13-14 Int Sparring

Tashi Adam Desimone – 3rd Place Adult BB Traditional Kata