Many students attended the October 2014 Chip Wright tournament. All the students that competed received a medal.

Antonio Desimone – Underbelt Grand Champion, 1st Place Int 15-17 Traditional Kata, 3rd Place Team Forms

Carly Joss – 1st Place Int 13-14 Traditional Kata, 1st Place Int 13-14 Weapon Kata, 3rd Place Team Kata

Daisy Barnard – 1st Place Int. 7-8 Traditional Kata, 2nd Place Int 7-8 Weapon Kata, 3rd Place Int 7-8 Flag Sparring

Pepper Barnard – 2nd Place Beg. 4-6 Flag Sparring

River Hanson – 1st Place Int. 9-10 Weapon Kata, 2nd Place Int. 9-10 Traditional Kata

Kaelin Rodriguez – 3rd Place Int. 13-14 Sparring

Ty Gardner – 1st Place Beg. 9-10 Traditional Kata, 3rd Place Beg 9-10 Sparring

Alexandra Acevedo – 2nd Place Int 9-10 Contempory Music Kata, 3rd Place Int. 9-10 Traditional Kata

Tashi Adam Desimone – 3rd Place Black Belt Traditional Kata

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