We had many people test for their next ranks yesterday, Wednesday June 4th, 2014. A total of 26 students took parts in the test and a few other students also receives certifications and new titles.

Joseph Harrington was raised to the rank of 6th Dan and given the title of Shihan

Michael Bailey was given his certificate of 3rd Dan  and given the title of Tashi.

Tony Pelay was raised to the rank of 3rd Dan.

Elaine Sayre was given her certificate for 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)

Tim Morton was given his certificate for 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)

Alexandra Acevedo – 2nd Kyu

Daisy Barnard – 2nd kyu

Amelia Drymand – 3rd Kyu

Alexander Dryland – 3rd Kyu

Jacqueline Moran – 3rd Kyu

Sachi Moran – 4th Kyu
Joshua Moran – 4th Kyu
Isac Neet – 4th Kyu
Alex Newman-Hancock – 5th Kyu
Lauren Eibner – 5th Kyu
Nevaeh Hanson – 5th Kyu
Kelly Nutters – 6th Kyu
Carly Joss-Bradley – 6th Kyu
Ty Gardner – 7th Kyu
McKensie Gardner – 7th Kyu
Ajit Nehra – 7th Kyu
Anshuman Nehra – 7th Kyu
Charlie Reade – 7th Kyu
Jaden Day – 7th Kyu
Soren Fox – 7th Kyu
Jasper Dutz – 7th Kyu
Dawson Hollingsworth – 9th Kyu
James Day – 9th Kyu
Erik Mattias Jansson – 9th Kyu
Aya Stonewood – 9th Kyu
Grace Bagwell – 9th Kyu

Congratulations to everyone that tested