December Belt Test – 2017

Ashland Karate Academy conducted a belt test on Saturday December 16th. We had quite a large number of students testing on this day. Everyone gave it their all and each student passed with flying colors! Congratulations to all of you!

Gold Stripe
Anika Rogers
Zoey Robertson Horner
Cohen Nunes

Elana Newman
Maddie Simpkins
Toby Hatfield
Kingston Emrich
Karen Carnival
Dana Greaves
Leo Greaves
Parker Greaves
Emily Maddox
Joel Quainoo

Dave Emrich
Sol Fentress
Alia Newman

Rafael Jensen
Tahdg Dunphy

Emily Clausen
Aemon Zohara

Hannah Piddington

Indigo Pinder Magana
Adrian Plisskin

Green Stripe
June Bernard

McKenzie Gardner
Ty Gardner

December 20th, 2017|

Belt Test – August 2017

On Saturday, August 26th, 12 of our students participated in belts tests – 5 little dragons and 7 youth and adults. Everyone gave it their all and passed with flying colors! Despite the heat and smokey skies, lots of sweat and a few tears, each student demonstrated a willingness to persevere and move forward. Well done, crew!

Name Age Belt
Dave Emrich 47 Gold
Carole Whitridge 48 Gold
Leo Cope 10 Orange
Phoenix Potts 14 Orange
Archie Whitridge 11 Orange
Emily Clausen 23 Yellow
Joshua Eskenazi 15 Blue
Jeff Anderson  54 Blue
Kingston Emrich 5 Gold Stripe
Toby Hatfeild 5 Gold Stripe
Maddie Simpkins 6 Gold Stripe
Alia Newman 7 Gold Stripe
Elana Newman 4 Gold Stripe
September 12th, 2017|

Sun & Moon – Black Belt Testing

Ashland Karate Academy exists for the purpose of building stronger community members and families. The skills being taught in our Academy are meant to instill principles such as hard-work, integrity, attention to detail, positive thinking and the will to succeed in ANY circumstance. Although martial arts are considered an ancient tradition, its principles are timeless. We hope to impart the ability to have one eye on the past, while keeping one towards the future.

Behold, the days of honor and respect are still upon us. In an era driven by self-indulgence and shortcuts, there remains pockets of tribes that adhere to a set of guiding principles and selfless acts. This story is in recognition of one such tribe, the Ashland Karate Academy.

During July’s New Moon, the Ashland Karate Academy’s annual Black […]

August 13th, 2017|

Belt Test – April 2017

Congratulations to our students for successfully completing their belt test on Saturday, April 29th. Well done everyone!

Name Age Belt
Seren De Fauw  7 Gold
Michael De Fauw  37 Gold
Koa Macaluso  10 Gold
Leo Cope  10 Gold
Sol Fentress   Gold
Lily Morales  6 Orange
Hannah Piddington  11 Yellow
Jeff Anderson  54 Blue
Tom Marks-Ladd  45 Green
Enya Cochran  17 Red
Hania M’Hamdi  11 Brown
Mike Fagundes  54 Brown
May 9th, 2017|

Belt Test – February 2017

It was a successful day at Ashland Karate Academy. Twenty one students participated in separate morning and afternoon belt tests. All passed with flying colors. Well done everyone!

Name Age Belt
Anjika Sigh Nehra 5 Gold
Caden Orr 7 Gold
Jay Frey 7 Gold
Allison Jones 7 Gold
Joshua Eskenazi 14 Gold
Neil Cornett 8 Orange
Liam Krasner 7 Orange
Zoey Zimmerman 7 Orange
Genevieve Pereira 7 Blue
Michelle Pereira 47 Blue
Adrian Plisskin 8 Blue
Kalila Sayre Doctor 6 Blue
Serena Hoke 29 Blue
Miles Catropa 17 Purple
Tom Marks-Ladd 44 Purple
Wynter Marks-Ladd 9 Purple
Lionel Ward 11 Green
Tristen Stephens 7 Green
Noah Tumbaga 12 Green
Noah Cott 10 Green Stripe
Amelia Evans 13 Green Stripe
February 15th, 2017|

Adaptive Karate Program

The adaptive karate program is wonderful for people with developmental and physical impairments of all ages. It teaches body control, breathing techniques, self awareness, confidence, balance, and self defense; just to name a few, through the ancient art of karate. I have been teaching this community for nearly one year and the results are amazing. This program is more than an art, it is a passion, and that passion comes from the quality of life and greater good for others. Read the full article here

February 14th, 2017|

Belt Test – December 2016

Name Age Belt
Jonathan Donihue 46 Gold
Luca Ozaeta 7 Gold
Hannah Piddington 11 Gold
Laken Ozaeta 7 Gold
Ariee Bearpaw 44 Orange
Evangeline Pereira  11 Orange
Michelle Pereira 47 Yellow
Tom Marks-Ladd  44 Blue
June Barnard 5 Purple
Ty Paulson 8 Purple
William Doctor 11 Purple
Coral Weston 8 Green
Enya Cochran 16 Green Stripe
Joulian Kali-Montague 11 Green Stripe
Mike Fagundes 54 Red
Hania M’Hamdi 10 Red
Oliver Naymik 7 Red
Pepper Barnard 7 Brown
Banyan Markham 11 Brown
Jonah Sayre 14 Brown
Aya Stonewood 10 Brown Stripe
Peter Jordan 13 Brown Stripe
Abe Lungren 11 Brown Stripe

Congratulations to everyone! This was a large group, full of energy and enthusiasm. We enjoyed a full range of material – basics, self-defense, sparring, and some board-breaking as well!

December 16th, 2016|

EHAMA Filipino Martial Arts Belt Test

Congratulations to our Eskrima students who tested on November 19th!

Peter Jordan – Yellow Belt
Michael Sotos – Green Belt
Glen de los Reyes – Green Belt
Nina RadhaKrishna – Green Belt

November 29th, 2016|

Little Dragons Belt Test – November 2016

Congratulations to our Little Dragons class for successfully completing their belt test on Saturday, November 19th. Well done everyone!

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Name Age Belt
Ross Zimmerman  4 Gold
Amon Zimani  4 Gold
Bella Caranza  5 Gold
Aemon Zohara  7 Yellow
Kalila Sayre Doctor  6 Yellow
November 25th, 2016|

Daisy Barnard featured on local news

Local news station KDRV came to the dojo last week to interview one of our students, Daisy Barnard. Click the video to learn more about the story!

October 27th, 2016|