On Saturday, August 26th, 12 of our students participated in belts tests – 5 little dragons and 7 youth and adults. Everyone gave it their all and passed with flying colors! Despite the heat and smokey skies, lots of sweat and a few tears, each student demonstrated a willingness to persevere and move forward. Well done, crew!

Name Age Belt
Dave Emrich 47 Gold
Carole Whitridge 48 Gold
Leo Cope 10 Orange
Phoenix Potts 14 Orange
Archie Whitridge 11 Orange
Emily Clausen 23 Yellow
Joshua Eskenazi 15 Blue
Jeff Anderson  54 Blue
Kingston Emrich 5 Gold Stripe
Toby Hatfeild 5 Gold Stripe
Maddie Simpkins 6 Gold Stripe
Alia Newman 7 Gold Stripe
Elana Newman 4 Gold Stripe