It was a successful day at Ashland Karate Academy. Twenty one students participated in separate morning and afternoon belt tests. All passed with flying colors. Well done everyone!

Name Age Belt
Anjika Sigh Nehra 5 Gold
Caden Orr 7 Gold
Jay Frey 7 Gold
Allison Jones 7 Gold
Joshua Eskenazi 14 Gold
Neil Cornett 8 Orange
Liam Krasner 7 Orange
Zoey Zimmerman 7 Orange
Genevieve Pereira 7 Blue
Michelle Pereira 47 Blue
Adrian Plisskin 8 Blue
Kalila Sayre Doctor 6 Blue
Serena Hoke 29 Blue
Miles Catropa 17 Purple
Tom Marks-Ladd 44 Purple
Wynter Marks-Ladd 9 Purple
Lionel Ward 11 Green
Tristen Stephens 7 Green
Noah Tumbaga 12 Green
Noah Cott 10 Green Stripe
Amelia Evans 13 Green Stripe