Hanshi traveled to the AKANA school on the East Coast this last week and had a very enjoyable time judging at a tournament and testing new Black Belts.

My visit to the east was so very uplifting and gratifying. I spent time with students I have had for more than 40 years.

The schools in Charlotte, Denver, China Grove, Fort Mill, Salisbury, Concord, and Mooresville, N.C. have been so faithful. All
the teachers are working hard for the Karate system that we teach. I am truly blessed to have the Karate people in
our heritage grow and supply so much goodness to the young people of this world. I give thanks to all our students and parents here
in Ashland, Or.  You have allowed me to travel back east to fulfill my dream of having a great association (AKANA) for all of us to achieve our goals in the Martial Art. Thank you my students here at the Ashland Dojo.
I have returned with renewed energy. I will be teaching classes this week during the spring break. Classes will be at the
scheduled times this week. If any children or adults wish to come to the day class on Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 to 1:30 please do. I am thankful for your studies here at the dojo. I am available for questions and calls from all students at. 509-699-9597. or at the dojo 541-488-2322. I know I have not been teaching as much lately. My health is better and I will be teaching more as of this week.
We are all happy that Hanshi is back and is feeling great